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So, Why Scripture Videos For Your Local Ministry?

Promoting The Lord’s Message is more effective with voice-over video.
Scripture Video Generates Warmth And Trust!

It’s really very simple:
> More people watch video online via smartphones, tablets and desktops.
> Videos create a know, like, and trust environment.
> People watch video more than they read.
> Video helps bring people together on Sunday.

With Video Being The Future, So Much So, That I Spent The Last Few Years Building And Developing This Service For Local Businesses, And Now For All Christian Ministries.

We Have Been Helping Local Folks Just Like You To Understand And Take Advantage Of Everything That Can Help Improve Your Congregation’s Engagement.

People Always Ask Me Why Scripture And Scripture Video?

The LORD has had many opportunities to call me home, as my life at times has read like a bad story.

I am an early stage 4 colon cancer survivor who,16 years ago, was only given 5 months to live but, by the grace of GOD, survived after surgery and a year of chemotherapy.

I attribute my still being here to my commitment to My Strong Christian Beliefs, Family & Friends, And The Good LORD watching over me, and prompting me daily that my work here isn’t done.

Some of the benefits and features of our service:

1. Professional quality Scripture voice-over videos
2. Experts at helping you on Sunday by Spreading His WORD Digitally
3. Highest video standards in the Industry
4. Experts at creating interesting and compelling Christian Content in videos
5. We keep SEO in mind and match your market and keywords in the videos
6. Excellent customer service
7. Fast turnaround time
8. Weekly & Monthly Packages Available
9. Affordable Pricing, and our Amazing Support

Promoting The Lord’s Message is more effective with video.

I Hope You See The Value, And Take Advantage Of This Inexpensive Solution For Your Ministry.

I Look Forward To Personally Working With You Today!

GOD BLESS, And Thank You For Visiting.

Owner – Video Scripture and Stockvideo Club.

Here Is A Basic Sampling Of Our Voice-Over Scripture Video!

Why Choose Us? Please Read Below

1. The Largest Repository Of Inspirational Video

We Have A Video For Your Ministry
With our huge library, we can almost certainly produce an amazing Scripture Video for your Ministry; Plus, we have ranking services that will place your video on the first page of Google quite easily.

2. Proprietary Live Streaming Software

Our Live Streaming Advantage
Without The Blood, Sweat and Tears – Just Google Ranking Goodness…
> This Service Is Included In Your Package
> Give Your Videos A Ranking Boost!
Live Events (live streaming) is given preferred treatment by YouTube and Google! Take advantage of it, Starting Today!

3. Sound Business Solutions For Your Ministry

We Offer In-House Solutions For All Local
Ministries Who Are Looking To Increase Their Exposure,
Both Locally Or World-Wide With Video.

4. We Offer Affordable Programs For Your Ministry

We Offer Unique Scripture Plans
We know how hard it can be to fill seats every Sunday Morning
and keep the collection plates filled.
I Offer Weekly / Monthly Productions And Strategic Ranking Programs That Won’t “Break The Bank”.

5. Awesome Customer Service & Support

We Have A Complete Help Desk System Built Into
Our Website To Answer Any Of Your Questions Within 24 Hrs, And Usually Faster.

6. Many Years Of Serving Local Customers Just Like You

We Have Been Around For A Very Long Time, Offering
Services & Software To Local Businesses
Since The Early 1990’s.
We Will Always Be Here When You Need Us!

We Are Your Local Scripture Video Professionals

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